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The new novel
: 2016

It's 2016 still, right now, and the biggest talking point in the rest of the world is how anyone is going to be able to afford a ticket to Brazil, to see the forthcoming Olympic Games in Rio, later in the summer. However, this being England, there's far more important things to worry about, like who the heck is going to win the Referendum vote in June. Well, we're working on that too, right here on this website. The new novel covers the local angle, right here in Salford, but also wider world problems, like terrorism. Also, we've also been busy thinking about what happened a hundred years ago - that rather inconvenient and cruel interruption called The First World War, since this new novel also happens to the Fifth book in an alternative history of that period by Mike Scantlebury. The key is to imagine what was happening a hundred years ago. Well, that was 1916, and, according to the Encyclopedia, the biggest thing of that year for Britain was a rather severe killing spree in the middle of the North Sea, a place off Denmark called Jutland. Now, how could that be reflected in a book about voting to stay in or get out of Europe in 2016? Aha, maybe the clue's in the title. Let's see, what is Mike's new book called? Oh. (If you turn to the next page, labelled 'The New Novel', you will find the work in progress. Go ahead and read what's there. It's free - for now. Later, you will be able to buy it online and in a shop. Whichever you prefer, free now or pay later. Well, whatever you choose, I'm not going to order you to act now and save money. No. We need to spend our way out of this Recession, remember. The Chancellor said so, and he's on one side of the Referendum debate, no doubt about that.)

Reading Mike's new novel will be as easy as pulling teeth

What's this?

You were expecting to see chapters of the book about electing a Mayor in Salford in 2016? Oh, yes, but that's over. Done and finished. The completed novel, however, lacking the polish of Mike's other tomes, has been taken down to the Car Wash for a Full Valet. It will get washed, brushed up, vacuumed and spell-checked, then will be returned to the land of the living - via the website at and through the usual channels of Amazon, Kindle (other on-line book-selling outlets available). In other words, being a book, it will soon be on sale where other books are sold. You usually go - where? Well, fine. Look there for 'Mike Scantlebury'. He's an author too, and since he hasn't (yet) been put on the blacklist, you will be able to find his novels alongside other writers. You will recognise his books, of course: they are the ones with the blonde hair and the beard.

Meanwhile, still looking for 'Secret Garden', Mike's novel from 2012 about Salford, the keys to Salford and Salford Quays, and the impact of Sandra Hodgson Burnett, the famous childrens' author?

Right, very wise. It certainly turned out to be a cracker.

Unfortunately, the 'new' website where it was listed turned out to be full of holes, and has sunk like an old hulk in the middle of a wet dock.


(So,  if you actually did want to order a copy of 'Secret Garden', the novel, it is now available as a paperback book from -

The key is that you can find it by clicking here.

Or, if you've moved on from the printed word, and only want the e-book, click here.

Mayors'   Tales

Looking for the whole quantity of the last book Mike Scantlebury wrote in chapters, the one about electing a Mayor for Salford?

Well, he certainly did aim hight and try to do a Charles Dickens, load it week by week onto a page called 'Documents'. It was an app supplied by the makers of this site. It didn't work. We complained, and someone said they would fix it. They didn't. Weeks went by. Years, even. It's still not appeared. It was as much a disappointement as picking the wrong horse for the Derby, (or the wrong politician).

You'll probably remember the plan - to make sure new chapter per week was uploaded every Saturday, between February 18th 2012 and the election, (Thursday, May 3rd). Yes, it happened. The task was undertaken. It was successful. Medals were handed out. So bad luck if you wanted to see it here, but don't despair: why not try the ebook, which is available now (and we really hope that you didn't forget to vote - that time).

(NOTE: you can reach the ebook by clicking here.

It's a New Year - in the 21st century

Welcome to 2012 and a new website from Mike Scantlebury.

On this site, Mike will tell you all about his latest books, and direct you to where you can find others, either in printed form or available as e-books. (Why not? It's the latest thing. Did you know you don't have to own a Kindle to buy Kindle ebooks? You can download the Kindle "app" from Amazon to any old laptop, desktop, or mobile device, and then happily read the latest Mike Scantlebury stories on a screen convenient for you.)


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