Crime Fiction: Salford Keys

Mike Scantlebury writes crime fiction novels for you

Salford Lads Club

Mike Scantlebury is a busy chappie. When he's not pounding a typewriter or bothering a politician, he finds time to help out at the world-famous Salford Lads Club. It's a perfect setting for him to badger people and interfere. Luckily, he hasn't argued with the boxers recently, or they'd be using him to sweep the floor. Mike Scantlebury is happy to wear the Club t-shirt on public occassions and encourage the public to put their hands in their pockets, (see photo), and contribute to the running costs. The Club is fortunate is having generous supporters, and it's thanks to donations, grants and fund-raising by the members, that the old building has survived into the new century. 

If you want to help too, email Leslie Holmes at Lads Club


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