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Election (before the election)

Posted by bizmike on February 19, 2012 at 2:25 PM

Read this week's 'Salford Advertiser'.

Got to get my head around this: the Labour Party are busy at the moment, making up their mind who the 'official' candidate for their party is going to be - for the forthcoming election to be the new Mayor of Salford, (happening on 3rd May).

Right, so they have to have an election, to help them to make up their minds who the person is going to be that they're going to present to the electorate of Salford as the Labour Party candidate for the election - to Mayor. That's an election too, right? An election before an election.

Well, okay, that's good. I mean, democracy is good, and democracy involves having regular elections. So an election is a good thing. Which means, logically, that two elections are better than one. Yes?

I'm looking forward to it. (All we need, to be absolutely perfect, is a declaration like they have on 'The X Factor'. You know, where the presenter blandly says, 'No, really people, you were marvellous, super talented. You own the stage. You're ALL winners.')

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