Crime Fiction: Salford Keys

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Posted by bizmike on February 20, 2012 at 3:00 AM

Well, we said it was going to happen.

Firstly, people are invited to click the 'Contact Me' button and let ME know what they think. Right, someone has taken us at our word and done just that. Okay, now they want some action, right?

Their comment, in summary, was that they wanted the whole range of active happenings in Salford to be included in this new book. Specifically, they suggested that we mention Peel Holdings, that local, rather large property development company. Well, you've got your wish, Mister. Sure, Peel is like the elephant in the room - it had to get mentioned some time. But because a reader asks, a reader will get. Peel have been moved up the shooting schedule and are now in Chapter 2.

Ah, but where is Chapter 2, you may well ask? Yes, it's true, it hasn't come out yet! It's scheduled to arrive on site on Saturday, 25th February at 5pm. Look out for it, because that's when it will be here. It's an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) but I haven't let you down yet. Have I?

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