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Posted by bizmike on March 17, 2012 at 1:15 PM

Yeah, I know: it doesn't work.

A thousand apologies. I feel bad too, advertising a service that simply doesn't exist. The point is this, that if you look on the 'Documents' page, it tends to give the impression that you have a choice: you can either download each section and read it on your computer at home, in your own time, or you can load it up immediately and read it on screen. But you can't. It doesn't say that; it makes it seem as though there is merely a temporary difficulty and that 'the document is converting'. Well, don't hold your breath; they've all been 'converting' for five weeks now, and none of them have finished. Maybe they never will.

It's what computer people call a 'glitch', but I think it's fraud. It's simply a lie to say that this application works, when clearly it doesn't. The fault is not temporary or ocassional, it happens all the time, and to all recent documents. Of course, I'm not blaming the website provider, or hosting service - they say that 'Documents' is an app, put forward by an outside contractor, and they have no control over it. No? They do have control over who they allow to provide apps to their customers. Why would they choose to allow a second-rate, shoddy service to people who are paying them money for a high-value, good result service. It's beyond belief. Webs dot com is a good company, but they have allowed a cowboy outfit to ruin their reputation, and drag their name through the mud. What are they thinking?

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