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Mike Scantlebury writes crime fiction novels for you



Mike Scantlebury writes books, crime fiction thrillers.

For a few years now, he's been offering them on a website called 'Lulu', (not the Scottish singer, but a dot com site in the US).

In 2012 Mike was pleased to announce that he got a publisher, 'Grosvenor', a company based in Salford. They managed to get all Mike's books onto Amazon, and other online book sellers, as well as loading a selection onto the Amazon ebook site, Kindle.

However, through the magic of the internet, those 'virtual' books can also be found in your real life, local High Street bookstore. Yes, folks, if you happen to stumble along Deansgate and pop into Waterstones, you can ask for 'local author', Mike Scantlebury. 'Mike Who'? they will ask, and add, 'I'll check on the computer to see if we've got any of his books in'. Even if there aren't any, don't worry: they won't. They'll simply order you whatever you want, and you will be invited back to collect later in the week.(Or they'll take your address and post them out to you, right into your letterbox.)

How cool is that?

(If you want a book signed, check the 'Calendar' on the left, to see when you can see Mike in person and get it done. Or drop us a line via the 'Contact' page, and we'll be happy to order it for you.)

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